D7T Snippet: Left foot braking for humps

I’m sure you’ve heard of left foot braking. That’s for rally drivers, right? Well yes, but not exclusively. In fact, a well-timed, well-executed, gentle squeeze on the brake pedal with the left foot can do wonders when you’re driving over a hump in the road.

With your right foot on the gas pedal, you can squeeze gently on the brake with your left foot from just before the crest to just after your front wheels pass the peak. This will pitch the bodyshell forward relative to the wheels to keep it fairly level rather than lifting sharply then crashing down again. It allows the suspension to push the front wheels down the other side of the hump to maintain a more level car with better balance and grip.

Just make sure you’ve already practised left foot braking somewhere safe and have got used to the gentle squeeze. The first time you try a left foot brake you’ll most likely do an involuntary emergency stop. You have been warned!



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